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RaQualia Pharma Industry-Academia Collaborative Research Center
(Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Sciences)


Director of Center
Makoto Sawada
Department of Pharmacology
Designated Professor
Hyi-Man Park
Designated Assistant Professor
Yukiko Moriguchi
Designated Assistant Professor
Akiyoshi Fujiuchi
Designated Assistant Professor
Koichi Oishi
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Designated Associate Professor
Mikio Morita
Designated Assistant Professor
Kiyoshi Kawamura
Designated Assistant Professor
Tatsuya Yamagishi

Research Projects

RaQualia Pharma Industry-Academia Collaborative Research Center (RARC) was founded in 2018 under Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (RIEM) to develop new medicines by collaboration between RaQualia Pharma Inc. and Nagoya University. RARC tightly collaborates with Graduate School of Medicine and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, which enable cross sectional drug discovery research at Nagoya University. Drug discovery research is implemented in the two departments.

Department of Pharmacology

We establish screening assays and pharmacological models to assess drug candidate molecules. Namely, we identify the molecular targets including ion-channels, and establish high throughput screening assays. We evaluate newly synthesized molecular entities by Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences with the established in vitro/in vivo assays, and assess ADMET (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, and Toxicity) profiles.

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

We synthesize new drug candidates based on the hit compounds identified by screening of compound library. To design new molecules, we apply computational chemistry approach having the structure information. Intensive SAR (Structure-Activity Relationship´╝ë studies are implemented by systematically analyzing the pharmacological data which are quickly fed back from Department of Pharmacology.

Recent publications

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(June 19, 2018)